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DINNoedjaelp is a humanitarian organization, founded in 2012. The donations goes to our work of saving children accused of being witches in Nigeria and fight against the superstition.  At DINNoedhjaelp we work with our hearts as well as our minds, and our primary purpose is to support one of the world’s poorest children to an obtain dignified life.

• DINNødhjælp founded May 21, 2012
• Project 1: Renovation of a school in Tanzania, August 2012
• Project 2: Children Center (part of ACAEDF) commenced June 1, 2014
• DINNødhjælp participated  in the DR2 documentary series “Hell’s Heroes (Helvedes Helte)” 2014
• DINNødhjælp participated in the DR2 documentary “A Dane saves the world (En dansker redder verden)” in May 2015
• DINNødhjælp participated in the DR2 documentary “Anja and the witchchildren (Anja og heksebørnene)” in October 2016

Our work
The organization performs an important educational work to break the superstition in Nigeria. Due to the high superstition many children and teens are accused of being witches which often leads to inhumane treatments of torture, dehumanization and banishment by the family and the local community, many of these children die due to unhealed wounds and malnutrition. Anja and her team try to rescue as many of these unfortunate souls and house them at the orphanage in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

The children receive plenty of care, medical treatment, food / lodging and education, which enables a stable life for the children so they can become viable in the society.

We are an association that are fighting for children’s rights.
At DINNoedhjaelp we work with our hearts as well as our minds, and our primary purpose is to support one of the world’s poorest children to obtain a more dignified life.

DINNoedhjaelp’s founder
Anja Ringgren Lovén is the moving spirit behind DINNoedhjaelp. She decided to resign as a store manager in 2011 to travel to Africa, where she worked for three months as an observer and relief worker for DanChurchAid (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp). During her stay she experienced extreme poverty and hunger in a way that she was unable to forget the atrocity. She decided to dedicate the rest of her life fighting poverty and hunger in Africa and help some of the world’s poorest people in obtaining a better life.

It is important for Anja to know that every cent of the money collected is used correctly to the benefit the children. To ensure the collections reaches the projects, Anja travels to Africa herself with DINNoedhjaelp’s funds. This prevents the money from being lost in corruption and she can ensure the funds are used the right way.

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