Here are other merchandise currently being sold to sponsor DINNoedhjaelp, Merchandise on this page is continuously changing.

Buy the new charity T-shirt here

Modström, one of DINNoedhjaelp’s largest sponsors, made this new and crazy charity Hope T-shirt in collaboration with DINNoedhjaelp.

Modström supplies, besides Denmark, to these countries








The Netherlands




For more info where to buy the T-shirt  make a call to Modström Customer Service on +45 98110892 or send an email to: – See the T-shirt at Modström

Buy Stilla products here

DINNoedhjaelp will receive 5% of sales from is a new jewelry company, they have chosen to donate 5% of sales to DINNoedhjaelp. They sell the most beautiful jewelry, so take a look at their website. The image shows an example of one of the beautiful bracelet.

See more on

Find Stilla on Facebook: Stilla (Smykkeforretning) and on Instagram

Buy the bracelet with the Golden Heart charm here

Jeweler Kirstine Pepping have specifically designed the Golden Heart as a symbol of Anja’s work with children, who are accused of being witches.

IDentity donates £ 11,5 /€ 13,5  per sold bracelet incl. charm, and £ 5,7/€ 6,7 per sold Golden Heart charm to DINNoedhjaelp.

Identity makes unique and personal jewelries with fingerprints. In a world where we being asked more and more demands on us as people, and where there are labels for how one should be and should behave, jeweler Kirstine Pepping, have a desire to go against the flow. With her jewelry line IDentity she wanted to make a piece of jewelry that celebrates diversity and reminds us that we all are unique. Diversity is a strength, not a weakness. Our identity  makes us who we are, and we should feel good about it – trust in your identity and be unique.

Please send a mail, if you want to order the bracelet from abroad:

Buy a painting here.

SABRINA MONFORTE is art for private, businesses and events.

She is an Italian artist based in London. Every piece is inspired by music that carries its name to the artwork. Her goal is to transform the music she listens to into visual artwork.  She creates signed limited edition paintings on canvas.

Sabrina Monforte pictures’ are ranged between 45-300 pounds( 50€ – 330€). Contact Sabrina Monforte to get the price of a particular painting.

5% from every painting sold through this website will go to DINNødhjælp.

Sabrina Monforte ships worldwide.

Buy a bracelet and keychains

Midnight Butterflies is a Danish fashion company, who has produced clothing and accessories since 2008. Their design is based on the amazing and mysterious butterfly, which has become the brand’s signature. You can buy Midnight Butterflies’ styles in the stores, but also directly on their website.

The bracelet ‘Bracelet of Hope’, is designed in collaboration with DINNoedhjaelp, and it’s handmade and unique.

Bracelet of Hope can now be bought in beautiful summer colors that fits perfect with your summer outfit. DINNoedhjaelp gets 150 DKK for each sold bracelet.

Midnight Butterflies has also created a fabulous keychain in natural leather where the word Hope is inscribed. The keychain comes in two designs and can be used by women and men. You can buy it for as little as 249 DKK where 100DKK goes to DINNoedhjaelp.

Find Midnight Butterflies on Instagram #officialmidnightbutterflies and on Facebook: Midnight Butterflies (@midnightbutterflies).

From Earth specialize in beauty products that are hand crafted and poured from the best naturally sourced ingredients.

Their range includes Organic and Vegan products –  Chemical free and Cruelty free. Please look at the description under each product for further information.

Give your skin and health the added nutrients and vitamins we need from naturally sourced ingredients and avoid the harsh chemicals found in supermarkets!

From Earth donates 10% of profits to DINNoedhjaelp.

Shipping only in Australia.

Winterberg apartment “Lina”

The apartment “Lina” is located in the middle of Winterberg, with its ski lifts, bobsleigh track, many restaurants and pubs, experience the mountain cap with summer toboggan run and adventure bridge and more, which can be reached directly from the apartment.

The comfortable apartment have 2 furnished rooms with a south facing terrace, for two to four people, it’s located on the ground floor and consists of a living room, a modern kitchen, a dining area, a double bedroom and a bathroom with a shower. The corner sofa is quickly turned into an additional sleeping space for two additional people.

The Torben Lange family will donate 5% of the revenue generated through the rental of the apartment, to DINNødhjælp

Invisible Pink Unicorn is a Danish based company that design and produce jewelry based on an atheist symbol. It is jewelry with a purpose.

In a subtle and unobtrusive way the jewelry gives you an opportunity to express “I’m an atheist, but that doesn’t make me a bad person”.

In many places atheists are perceived as morally inferior. Atheists are seen as weird, bad or downright evil depending on where they live. Openly professing to be an atheist can get you isolated, fired or even killed.

Invisible Pink Unicorn wants to help change that! By letting those around you find out you’re an atheist, you help them realize that being an atheist doesn’t say anything about who you are as a person. It helps them discover that being an atheist doesn’t make you a weird, bad or an evil person.

We are all the same no matter religion and color of skin. Don’t be afraid to show who you are. Don´t be invisible.

15% is donated to DINNødhjælp.

Remember to use this link to order the jewelry:

 A little hope
‘A little hope’, is a small handmade silver heart (925) inscribed with ‘HOPE’. It is a beautiful and poetic thought, that the wearer is reminded that there is hope. The heart can be purchased exclusively through their webshop for 300 DNK where 100 DNK of the proceeds goes towards Anja and DINNoedhjaelp’s work in Nigeria.A little gold is inspired by love, nature, poetry and Nordic simplicity. An endless source of inspiration, in all their complexity and poetry. The result is jewellery that in all its simplicity has a timeless, understated elegance. The way words are weaved together in poetry is a tremendous source of inspiration too, how poetry can express complex feelings in a simple and beautiful way, has always been an inspiration. 

A little gold is ‘jewellery as poetry’, where the most beautiful metals and pearls are accompanied by poetry. Pieces for you and your loved ones.

Please have a look at ‘A little Gold’s’ other pages for more inspiration: