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Kildehøjen 32
8240 Risskov


Thank you for contacting DINNødhjælp. At the moment we are experiencing a high demand of queries, we are working hard to reply to them all in a timely manner.

If you wish to contact DINNoedhjaelp by telephone, it’s possible to reach us every Monday between 8-9 am, and Tuesday between 3-4 pm. The number is +45 51 78 58 56
Please note that if your inquiry is about: Volunteering in Nigeria, how to donate, questions about donations of toys/clothing etc. for our children, updates about Hope and the rest of our children, or how to book a conference with Anja please refer to FAQ on our website.


Director and Founder DINNødhjælp
Anja Ringgren Lovén
E-mail: anja@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


Executive Director – African Childrens Aid Education And Development Foundation
David Emmanuel Umem
E-mail: david@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


General Manager:
Christel Janize Grubert
E-mail: christel@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


Adm. assistant & I.T-responsible:
Kaja Vigtoft
E-mail: kaja@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


Adm. assistant – Employed in study job:
Bettina Kulk Nielsen
E-mail: bettina@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


Volunteers in DINNoedhjaelp:

Adm. assistent:
Cecilie Lang Jørgensen



External Funding manager:
Camilla Lund – Cramer
E.mail: camilla@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


External Funding assistant:
Mailen Arntsen
E-mail: mailen@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


In charge of Auktion/DINNødhjælp:
Anette Ejlertsen
E-mail: auktion@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


Assistant Auktion/DINNødhjælp:
Mia Ledet
E-mail: auktion@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


External Funding assistant:
Didde Vigtoft
E-mail: auktion@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


 Grafic Design:
Catrine Knøsgaard



German translator:
Sabrina Hoppe



English translator:
Tania Viljoen





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