C/O Anja Ringgren Lovén
Kildehøjen 32
8240 Risskov


Thank you so much for contacting DINNødhjælp. We are very busy at the moment but we are working as fast as we can.
Please note that if your inquiry is about: Volunteering in Nigeria, how to donate, questions about donations of toys/clothing etc. for our children, updates about Hope and the rest of our children, and how to book a conference with Anja go to FAQ on our website.


anja100Director and Founder DINNødhjælp
Anja Ringgren Lovén
E-mail: anja@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


david100Executive Director – African Childrens Aid Education And Development Foundation
David Emmanuel Umem
E-mail: david@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


Board Members DINNødhjælp:

Martin_100Chairman of the Board:
Martin Kibsgaard  Jensen
In charge of: Administration, economy


eskild4_100Vice President and cashier
Eskild Christiansen



christel100_aBoard member:
Christel Janize Grubert
E-mail: christel@dinnoedhjaelp.dk
General Manager, DINNoedhjaelp


anja100Board member:
Anja Ringgren Lovén
E-mail: anja@dinnoedhjaelp.dk



kaja 100Administration Assistent
Kaja Vigtoft
E-mail: kaja@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


camilla100External Funding manager:
Camilla Lund – Cramer
E.mail: camilla@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


didde 100External Funding Assistant:
Didde Vigtoft
E-mail: auktion@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


Anette100In charge of Auktion/DINNødhjælp:
Anette Ejlertsen
E-mail: auktion@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


 catrine100Grafic Design:
Catrine Knøsgaard


sabrina 100German translator:
Sabrina Hoppe



tania100English translator:
Tania Viljoen



Bettina Kulk Nielsen
E-mail: bettina@dinnoedhjaelp.dk


Ulf M. Gaardsted



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