Here are answers to some of the questions we often hear – click on the question to see the answer.

Can I become a volunteer at DINNoedhjaelp and travel to Nigeria?

DINNoedhjaelp is currently working in Nigeria which is one of the world´s most dangerous countries. DINNoedhjaelp is working in a state called Akwa Ibom.

Due to the high-risk area where we run DINNoedhjaelp Children Center it´s not possible to accept volunteers. We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety, which is why we operate alone. We advise everyone to read the travel instruction for Nigeria on the website of the Foreign Ministry of your home country.  Read more about the English travel instructions here.

Can we adopt a child?

DINNoedhjaelp does not adopt the children who have been saved, primarily because adoption is illegal in Nigeria. If someone tries to adopt a child, they are accused of child trafficking and may be punished with imprisonment for 15 years. The license to run the orphanage would be deprived and the orphanage would close.

Because the children have already been exposed to major traumatic experiences, removing them from the country and the culture they know will cause the child further trauma. In addition, many of our children still have contact with their biological parents, this is important for the children as they still love their family. It is also an important factor in our information work that they attend a “home visit” when we consider it’s safe for the child. The residents of the village can see that the child is healthy and well-functioning, and thus this can help conclude that the child is not a witch.

I would like to work as a volunteer at DINNoedhjaelp in Denmark. Can I do it?

DINNoedhjaelp needs a lot of support and we are very pleased that so many want to help us. DINNoedhjaelp has developed a communication strategy to ensure the communication is appropriate and follows the vision of our organization. Therefore, it is important that you as a volunteer at DINNoedhjaelp know our strategy as there must be a targeted connection between what we (DINNoedhjaelp) say and what we do.

Contact us on if you want to volunteer at DINNoedhjaelp.
NOTE:  We are currently not looking for any new volunteers, but keep an eye on our Facebook page, as this is where we would publish new opportunities.

But there are many ways to support our work, just by sharing our updates from our Facebook group, you create further awareness of our organization and the work we do. We are always grateful for this help


I would like to donate clothes, toys, teddy bears, books and other things to DINNoedhjaelp. Do you accept it?

DINNoedhjaelp are very grateful for the great support we get from many people. Only TOGETHER can we make the biggest difference. The shipment is expensive and we cannot be liable for the possible custom fees. If you wish to proceed by sending a package to the children, please send it to the address below and please bear in mind that we have 46 children that all love to receive a personal gift.  – THANKS!

Donations can be sent to (not money):

African Children’s Aid Education And Development Foundation
P.O.BOX 194

Please note: There is no postal code.

I want to hear a lecture by Anja. When does she give lectures?

Anja doesn´t arrange lectures herself. If you would like to book a talk from her either as an individual or as a business please visit:

Fill in all information in the “non-binding request” form and they will come back to you with information on fees and availability.
All you need is a screen, a projector, a microphone and speakers.

I want to start a Collection for DINNoedhjaelp. How do I do it?

DINNoedhjaelp is registered at three fundraising platforms.  – A platform where you can create a collection for DINNoedhjaelp. Read more here:  A US platform where you can create a fundraiser by referring to DINNodhjaelp or you can choose to add one of our live projects to raise further awareness of our fundraisers A platform for businesses that are cautious of charitable giving. If your company register with Benevity, you can create fundraisers through the site.

Start by writing a good text about why you started the collection and why you want to support our work. Insert a good photo and you’re already well on the way. – Be sure to provide correct information about DINNoedhjaelp.

Remember to share your collection with your friends on Facebook, thus creating more attention to your collection.

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact

I want to display DINNoedhjaelps posters at my workplace. I would like to distribute some flyers about DINNoedhjaelp. Can you send some to me?

DINNoedhjaelp will be happy to send posters and/or flyers to you but since we have gradually gained a large demand we can´t afford the postage, therefore we ask you to pay for postage.

Contact Kaja for more information:

Where can I buy DINNoedhjaelp merchandise

You can now show everyone your support to DINNoedhjaelp by wearing or using one of our merchandise. Visit our webshop and browse through all our merchandise, ranging from T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Mugs and Buttons.

How do I donate money to DINNoedhjaelp?

You can donate to us here:

Donate a sum here...

You can sign up for a membership here:

Sign up a support membership here…

How do I become a sponsor for DINNoedhjaelp?

DINNoedhjaelp need sponsors and you can become a sponsor, both as an individual or as a company.

DINNoedhjaelp need support with the salaries for our local employees at our orphanage in Nigeria, for food/medicine, education for the children, and much more.

You can read more about sponsorships and have a look at our current sponsors here.

As an alternative you can also make a sales campaign in cooperation with DINNoedhjaelp. Please refer to below question:

“How do you as a company, have a sales campaign with DINNoedhjaelp?”

Please contact: if you want to be a sponsor and help us support the children in Nigeria to get a better life.

Note: If your country supports tax deductions, please send us all information about your sponsorship no later than January 12, of the following calendar year to: to pull a sponsorship report for deductible tax.

How can I, as a company, have a sales campaign with DINNoedhjaelp ?

Does your company want to support DINNoedhjaelp in an alternative way, in which the business will also benefit from cooperation under good publicity, and the possibility of reaching a new customer base?

DINNoedhjaelp is cooperating with supporting companies through various sale campaigns. A sale campaign is designed in cooperation with DINNoedhjaelp, where the company will be promoted for a period of time, through DINNoedhjaelp’s website and social media. As a company, you’ll need to sell one or more products, where DINNoedhjaelp will get an x-amount of percentage/profits of the sale, in the agreed period.

Go here to read more about this opportunity.

For further information please contact Christel via email:

Please note, to be our official sponsor a minimum amount of $228, £201, DKK1500. – Per month is accepted.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Please contact your governmental tax office for queries regarding tax deductions for donations. If it’s supported in your country please send us an email with below information so we can process a donation receipt for you

Name, address, Social Security Number/business Number and the donation amount. We also require information of on the payment method you used (Bank transfer, PayPal) and the date to ensure that we have the correct information.  Please send the information to:

If you want to support DINNoedhjaelp several times a year, it is sufficient that you no later than January 12, of the following calendar year, send us an email with above information for all transactions as we cannot facilitate reports from single donors.