First-sod ceremony

By 04/02/2016Nyt fra Nigeria

First-sod ceremony.

About a year ago, DINNødhjælp bought a large piece of land here Nigeria.

It was the biggest dream of David Emmanuel Umem and mine, to build a children’s center of our own on this piece of land.

This Tuesday, February 2nd 2016, the dream officially became reality, when the Danish ambassador in Nigeria, Torben A. Gettermann, attended our “first-sod” ceremony and put in the first brick.

It was a very sentimental ambassador who held a very touching speech.

To my team and I, it was so big and almost unbelievable that a Danish ambassador would travel to our little village and put in the first brick!

It was a fantastic and very beautiful day, where our ambassador received a true African welcome.

When he arrived, he was surprised by being clothed with African village chieftain clothes, and local African dancers gave him “a welcome I’ll never forget”, to put it in his own words.

The ambassador also received a new title by our village chieftain. So from here on forth, when the Danish ambassador visits our childrens center and village, he will be addressed “Chief of development”.

I will not spoil anything more. All of this and much more can be seen in the upcoming documentary “Anja’s Africa”, which will be sent on Danish television later this year.

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