Healthy food is important

By 21/09/2015Uncategorized

At DINNødhjælp’s childrens center, it’s extremely important that the children get a balanced diet. With a healthy and balanced diet, the children will eventually get a better immune system, and they also highly need “the fuel”, so that they can grow, play, and learn. They are very active all through the day, and that is why it is important that the diet is healthy and nutritious.

Because of the support that DINNødhjælp has gotten through the last year, we’ve also been given the opportunity to give the children a more balanced diet, which means that the children won’t get ill all of the time, as they used to before. We’ve also worked hard to teach the children to wash their hands with soap and water, before every meal, and of course after use of the toilet. This means that we right now use less money on medication. It has been of great importance to the children, and it’s a wild to think about what a balanced diet can do for the general health.

The children help with the cooking, and take shifts as kitchen aids every week. African children generally learn how to cook, from a very early age, and the kids loves to cook! Your support makes the children healthy! <3