Welcome to the “Land of Hope” <3

Last year DINNødhjælp bought a big piece of land. I would actually more accurate say that we bought a small village!  The land is soooooo big, and most of you know that right now we are building a new childrens center for the children in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders.

We have decided to call our land; “Land of Hope” which has also been written above our main gate.
The wall all the way around our big land is now completely finished and razor wire all around has been placed on the top of the wall for protection. Personally I call the wall ”The Great Wall of China” because our land is so big and I see wall everywhere!

Very soon we will start the process of building the main buildings. The children center consists of two main buildings: A Girl Hostel and a Boys Hostel. Besides the two main buildings we are also going to build an Office Building, Library and a Playroom.

We are going to build a very big Kitchen with storages. It´s going to be a kitchen partly outside. We will build a Parliamentary Hall which will serve as an ”Event Center”. We are going to build an ICT-center ( Information Communication Technology Center ) and a Medical Health Clinic: ”Hope’s Clinic” and a Security/Generator House. All roofs are going to be with solar roofs! ;-)

And we are going to build the biggest Snail Farm for commercial and private consumption courtesy of NATO, and much much more! David Emmanuel Umem our team and I are so excited to get started!

“Land of Hope” will be the future land for many children where love, care and protection will be given but most important the children will have the chance to go to school. We believe that we as a NGO have a huge responsibility to give the children the best tools in life and to educate all the children we take under our wings.

In particular we have a huge responsibility to the children and thereby the community by showing that we are present, following our projects to the end but also that we hold them accountable to train and develop themselves and make the community a safe environment for the children.

So the ”Land of Hope” will be open to the whole community where the villagers can come and use our Health Clinic and take computer training at our centers. The children in the community are welcome to use the football field we are going to build and play football with our children <3