Donation to DINNoedhjaelp's Secretariat

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Dear visitors!
We are so overwhelmed by the huge support and the increased awareness of our organization and the work we do for our children. We are so incredibly grateful!

Your help spreading the word about our work for children has received inquiries to flow in as never before.

We are so incredibly grateful!

Through the increased awareness of DINNoedhjaelp, our administrational work has increased too. Therefore, we have established a lasting secretariat that can handle the many practical tasks while continuing to have volunteers that can help us keep up with responses to your inquiries.

Donations going to the Children Center and the children will always go to them.
Therefore, we have now made a distinct option to donate to the secretariat, and in this way help us with the administrational work of DINNoedhjaelp.

Here you can choose to support DINNoedhjaelp’s secretariat directly.