Ambassadors for DINNoedhjaelp



Our ambassadors are important to us and the work we are doing as they help to set a focus on DINNoedhjaelp’s work in their own personal way. All of them make an important contribution, both to spread awareness of DINNoedhjaelp, and also to raise money.

Our ambassadors are all enthusiasts with their hearts in the right place. We hope that you will let yourselves be inspired by these people, and live by the slogan of DINNoedhjaelp: “Help One Person Everyday”!

We would like to introduce you to these amazing people, so you can get a glimpse of who they are and why they have chosen to support DINNoedhjaelp.


AlmazAlmaz Mengesha, born in Ethiopia in 1973

Almaz has three children, works as a department manager and has lived in Denmark since 1986. At eight years old, Almaz was involved in a traffic accident in which she lost both of her lower legs/limbs. However this hasn’t been an obstacle for her to reach her goals and break the boundaries that one with a handicap of her character can accomplish:

In 2013, Almaz heard of DINNoedhjaelp for the first time, and she knew immediately that she wanted be a part of it. In 2014, she decided that she would be the first Danish double amputee woman, who completed a triathlon, and in that way create focus on DINNoedhjaelp. Since then Almaz has completed several triathlons, where she has raised money for DINNoedhjaelp. Almaz doesn’t compare herself with an athlete, but she trains and participates in rallies, because it serves a higher emergency purpose. In addition, Almaz is giving lectures, where she talks about her exciting childhood in Ethiopia, where she also donates some of her earnings to DINNoedhjaelp. Almaz always setsnew goals for herself and what she can do on her two metal legs – this will be documented on the TV. If you want more information about Almaz and her amazing initiatives for DINNoedhjaelp, you can follow her on Facebook: “Almaz Mengesha – dobbelt benamputeret triatlet”


BjørnBjørn Druglimo, born in Norway in 1973

Bjørn is married, has 3 children, and since 2001 he has been employed as a police officer in Norway. He spends his spare time as a football coach for children, and in addition he writes as a freelance writer in various Norwegian Medias on topics that matters to him. It is very important for him that all children have a good life – with lots of options for security, love and happiness.

Bjørn became aware of DINNødhjælps work for the first time, when the image of Hope went viral. Bjørn started out by sending a poem to DINNoedhjaelp, stating why Hope had made an impression on him (the poem can be read on our Facebook page: DINNødhjælp – Deres overlevelse). This interest developed rapidly, and he started to collect football clothes to the children at our Children Center– the response was huge and all of the biggest football clubs agreed to participate.

These included a signed Real Madrid outfit from Norwegian football star Martin Ødegaard, signed national team suits from Denmark and from F.C. Copenhagen.

But Bjørn is best known for his campaign – One Word To One World. There was a sharing of HOPE greetings to all the children in the world. The campaign went viral and many thousands have since shared a picture on their Facebook page holding a sign, with HOPE written on it, including famous actors, singers, etc.


LeifLeif Dorph Rasmussen, born in Denmark in 1972

Leif has lived with his girlfriend for the past 19 years and together they have three children, he is self-employed and for the last 10 year he has also operated a sports educational consulting, along with his good friend Jesper Grothe Pedersen. The work is mainly to motivate children and young people to work out more in their everyday life – people of all ages need to play, and adults often overlook the enormous source of energy and creativity one gets through playing, by considering it as a concept only for children. They will also hold courses for Teachers and entrepreneurial projects i.e. establishment of sports opportunities for children and young people with special needs.

The first time Leif became aware on DINNoedhjaelp was in 2013, his mission was to collect funds for DINNoedhjaelp towards an Ironman challenge. On August 24, 2014 Leif participated in a series of running, cycling and triathlon distances, in which he ran with DINNoedhjaelp logo on his clothes, while he distributed about 500 flyers about DINNoedhjaelp. He crossed the finish line after 11 hours and 45 minutes. With help from his network, he managed to raise 30,000 DDK for DINNoedhjaelp. Since then, Leif has participated in several races, with the aim to raise awareness of DINNoedhjaelp and continue to raise funds. Leif is in the process of organizing a new event for the benefit of DINNoedhjaelp, this is still on the drawing board – Follow him on his Facebook page: “MIN motivation – DIN Nødhjælp – DERES overlevelse” to read more about his performance and his future projects for DINNoedhjaelp.


Elena Tanzarella, born in Italiy in 1974

Elena is married to a Brazilian man, has three children and work as a lawyer in a family firm.
As a lawyer, she helps immigrants by both representing them pro Bono and advocating for some human rights associations that focus their work on these people.

Elena shares DINNoedhjaelp’s vision that a better and more equal society requires a higher and wider education.
She decided to advocate for DINNoedhjaelp, because she strongly believes in the possibility, that through education and information, superstition will eradicate.

After having listened to Anja’s words and understood more of DINNoedhjaelp’s project, she thought that DINNoedhjaelp’s mission goes beyond the edges of the usual humanitarian work and she felt that it would be great to do her part to help it grow and more known around the world.


Claudia Freitas, born in Portugal in 1988.

Claudia has three children, and has lived with her boyfriend for the last 3 years, she works at a factory.
Family means everything for Claudia, especially her children and her goddaughter, so she tries to spend as much quality time with them as she possible can.

The first time Claudia became aware of DINNoedhjaelp was when she saw the video in 2016 where Anja rescued Hope. Afterwards she kept reading more and more about DINNoedhjaelp’s work, and at that time she knew that she could not walk away from this cause.
She raised funds by asking people for donations for DINNoedhjaelp, also by selling t -shirts with DINNoedhjaelp’s logo. She put up a fundraising box at her job calling the project “Ajuda Sem Fronteiras” and raised funds from all her workmates etc.
Claudia is a hard-working young girl with her heart at the right place, and in the future, she will represent DINNoedhjaelp in Portugal, she already has a lot of ideas to raise funds and is constantly creating an awareness of DINNoedhjaelp’s work by informing people that are willing to listen.


Robert–Allan Arno

Residing in the heart of Times Square, New York City, actor/announcer, author and teacher, Robert-Allan Arno is a respected media figure. He’s been “the voice” of campaigns for Toyota, Seagram’s and the movie blockbuster “Independence Day Resurgence.” His rich tones and compassionate manner have served him well as the former host of radio’s “Gospel Gold,” and as a reader of the Bible on “The Sunday Mass,” a popular national television program. Robert smiles, “I always like to keep my media work faith-based…even in my classroom, I like to create ‘safe space’ for actors, to make their evolution as artists inspiring.”  Robert is also the biographer of Grammy legends, The 5th Dimension. He co-authored the hit memoir, “From Hobo Flats to The 5th Dimension.” Robert adds, “The quintet was known for their essence of harmony…that promoted unity.”

Put all the above together and it’s no wonder Robert was divinely lead to “meet” Anja Ringgren Loven and David Emmanuel Umem on the ‘net. “Of course it was the rescue of dear little Hope that drew me in,” Robert states. “But it was Anja, David and team’s warm and enthusiastic response to my supportive, ongoing commentary over a year’s period that cemented our aligned goals…and overall chemistry!” Robert adds, “DINNødhjælp/Land of Hope has a fresh, authentic feel that energizes me! It is a dream come true to be an Ambassador for an organization that stands for the elemental dignity and joy of children.”

Among Robert’s first duties is to re-script DINNødhjælp’s monthly newsletter, to make its language more accessibly global. Then Robert will use his deeply textured voice to narrate the happenings and achievements as a monthly video feature.  Robert is thrilled to be doing this as a pro bono endeavor through his company, The Soul of The Voice, Ltd.  And more is in the planning, too…stay tuned!  Robert shares, “You know, I have Hope’s smiling photo in a golden frame next to my desk…we are truly family, from Nigeria to New York, the world over!”


Lucas Hansen, raised in Frederikshavn.

Lucas comes from Anja’s hometown Frederikshavn. Lucas moved to London for 18 years and then to Los Angeles, where he studied, and followed his dream of becoming an actor. Lucas has been involved in many different productions abroad. After nine years in London, he moved to Copenhagen. He had a dream of participating in one of the major drama series DR produces, and he recently partook in the TV series “Bedrag”. In addition, 2017, Lucas participated in the TV program “Vild med dans”, and has performed at The Royal Theater.

Throughout his life, Lucas has been fighting PTSD and anxiety for which he is now cured. He is today advocating others in such a process, and also has a strong focus on violence / bullying among young people.

Lucas has been acquainted with DINNoedhjaelp since Anja started her organization back in 2012, and has a great respect for Anja and her amazing work.

It is important for him to support those who are weaker and not just those presented in his everyday life. He has travelled around the world, and has seen with his own eyes how tough life’s some are living. He can’t believe how children can be treated in such cruel ways, and felt there’s nothing more important than giving his own time to DINNoedhjaelp.