Bjørn Druglimo

Born in Norway in 1973

Bjørn is married, has 3 children, and since 2001 he has been employed as a police officer in Norway. He spends his spare time as a football coach for children, and in addition he writes as a freelance writer in various Norwegian Medias on topics that matters to him. It is very important for him that all children have a good life – with lots of options for security, love and happiness.

Bjørn became aware of DINNødhjælps work for the first time, when the image of Hope went viral. Bjørn started out by sending a poem to DINNoedhjaelp, stating why Hope had made an impression on him (the poem can be read on our Facebook page). This interest developed rapidly, and he started to collect football clothes to the children at our Children Center– the response was huge and all of the biggest football clubs agreed to participate.

These included a signed Real Madrid outfit from Norwegian football star Martin Ødegaard, signed national team suits from Denmark and from F.C. Copenhagen.

But Bjørn is best known for his campaign – One Word To One World. There was a sharing of HOPE greetings to all the children in the world. The campaign went viral and many thousands have since shared a picture on their Facebook page holding a sign, with HOPE written on it, including famous actors, singers, etc.