Cookies on DINNødhjælp’s website

The EU has adopted a set of rules, the so-called cookie law. These rules shall protect the privacy of users when they use the Internet. In practice, this means that you as a user must always be informed about which cookies that are used on a website – and accept the use of it. Read more about what cookies that are used on the DINNødhjælp’s website below and get information on how to avoid them, if that’s what you want.

General information about cookies at

The name cookie comes from the technical term magic cookies. A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. A cookie contains anonymous information, such as a unique ID, website name, and some numbers and letters.

DINNødhjælp only use cookies to give you a better experience of the site.

The cookies used on DINNødhjælp’s website are cookies that are deleted or cookies used for analysis. The cookies that are deleted shortly after your visit, helps us make the site’s language options work better for the users. These cookies are deleted after a few days. They are not considered to exceed your privacy limits. Analytical cookies allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors to the site and to see how users move around the site when they use it. This information helps us optimize the site and make the experience better for the user. For example, we ensure that users find what they are looking for faster.

Consent / Cookie consent

You accept cookies (including third-party cookies) on DINNødhjælp’s website either by using the website or by clicking the “OK, I accept” link in the pop-up.

Unfortunately, if you do not wish to accept cookies on DINNødhjælp’s website, it may aggravate your experience of the site.

Revoke your consent

If you regret your acceptance, you can revoke your consent at any time by accessing your web browser settings and deleting your cookies. Next time you visit, you will again have to decide on accepting the cookies on the website.

Our pages on third party websites and their cookies

If you click on any of the links to any external third-party websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., via DINNødhjælp’s website, cookies are also used on these websites, which are not managed by DINNødhjælp. Please note that DINNødhjælp cannot be held responsible for cookies on other websites.

Third party cookies (tracking cookies)

We use Google Analytics to analyse how users use the website. This non-personally identifiable information is stored on Google’s servers in the United States. DINNødhjælp can draw reports about the activity at Google Analytics may disclose the information to third parties, if required by law, or if third parties treat the information on behalf of Google Analytics.

Administration of cookies

It is possible for you to set up your browser to not accept cookies from any website or from specific websites. However, you should be aware that some things will work worse if you do this. For this reason, we encourage you not to turn off cookies on DINNødhjælp’s website.

In all modern browsers you can control your cookie settings. Cookie settings are typically found under ‘options/preferences’ or ‘preferences/preferences’ in the menu of your browser. You can use the ‘Help’ feature in your browser for further assistance.

If you do not want your visit to be registered by Google Analytics, you can use Google’s Opt-Out Browser Add-on. Please be aware that your visits to other pages, using Google Analytics will also not be registered if you install this browser plugin. If you want to block Google Analytics, follow this link