Lecture with Anja Ringgren Lovén

Anja Ringgren Lovén is out with new lectures, which are even more gripping than the previous one. The lecture goes straight into the heart and burns on the retina with strong images. Here you can book a lecture.

Lectures with Anja Ringgren Lovén are booked at A-speakers


A smile on your lips and tears from your eyes.

… are just some of the many reactions that the attendees feel during and after Anja Ringgren Lovéns lectures.
Anja’s lecture invites the participants on a life-raising journey, from the childhood in Frederikshavn to a life as a child rights campaigner in one of the world’s most superstitious and poorest countries. She tells you how Nigeria’s so-called “witch children” won her heart and led her to life-threatening rescue missions.
Some of the children are discussed with images, videos and personal stories. It makes their stories alive and shows why Anja and DINNødhjælp, every day struggle hard to promote children’s rights, and fight the superstition that is responsible for witch accusations.
Anja Ringgren Lovén, describes how a single sentence from her childhood came to change the lives of many children: to pursue her dreams, even though others shake their heads. About how she said goodbye to the Nordjyske life to now being one of Dalai Lama’s heroes. The lecture is full of personality, humor and love.
Foredrag med Anja Ringgren Lovén