Buy art and save children from cruel superstition. 50% of the profit goes to DINNødhjælp

Artist and Mindfulness Trainer Oliver Spiller supports Anja’s work with creativity, form and colour.

Oliver Spiller, the founder of Mindful&Creative, sells all the artwork you can see on this page and donates 50% of the profit to DINNødhjælp.

Each artwork is a unique expression of the artist who performs or produces art. It is a symbol for the freeing of our spirit and soul. The freedom of art stands for a reflected, democratic society and the spiritual development of mankind. Art reflects on the process of personal and worldwide development. So every piece of Oliver Spillers art is a unique expression of his communication with the world within and around him. In this sence Oliver Spiller donates his artworks to the good of Anja’s work thatfor as many children as possible can be saved from a cruel faith and be supported to grow up safe, happy and free. May all beings live peaceful, happy and free.

If you are interested in buying Olivers artwork contact him on e-mail

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