How to support DINNødhjælp – Business

DINNødhjælp is blessed with a large number of sponsors who share our ideology, and support us in our work. Your company can also help!

Become a sponsor for DINNødhjælp

If you are touched by the stories on this site and think that the world will be a better place when we are helping each other, then join us and help us make a difference.

If you as a company want to become an official sponsor by contributing a fixed minimum amount of $238/ £201/ DKK1500 per month through a standing order/direct debit. DINNødhjælp will display your company logo on our website as a token of appreciation. We advertise our sponsors through our newsletters. We really appreciate all the support we get and appreciate a credible and solid cooperation.

Let us push things in the right direction together!

See the sponsors of DINNødhjælp here

To become one of DINNødhjælp’s official sponsors, please contact:

Sales Campaign for DINNødhjælp

DINNødhjælp is cooperating with supporting companies through various sale campaigns. A sale campaign is designed in cooperation with DINNoedhjaelp, where the company will be promoted for a period of time, through DINNoedhjaelp’s website and social media.

DINNødhjælp can help with ideas for what you can do to spread the word about the campaign, and thereby raising sales.
DINNødhjælp would like to work with you, design a product that can be sold during the campaign period.
DINNødhjælp will in the period, advertise on our site, and by relevance also on our Facebook page for the campaign.
You are welcome to use DINNødhjælp’s logo in advertising purpose during the campaign – that way you can make your customers aware that they are helping to support humanitarian work.

As there is a certain amount of time used on the PR and setup of campaigns, we expect that the company donates a minimum:
In cooperation over a  year; 5% of revenue
In cooperation in a one month period; a minimum of 10% of revenue
In cooperation over one weekend; a minimum of 25% of revenue
In cooperation in a one day period;  at least 50% of revenue.

Special agreements can be made in cooperation with DINNødhjælp.

Our ongoing sales campaigns with our supporting companies can be found here

Would you like more information on how to establish a sales campaign in cooperation with DINNødhjælp, please contact: 

Note: If your country supports tax deductions, please send us all information about your sponsorship no later than January 12, of the following calendar year to: to pull a sponsorship report for deductible tax.

Support the volunteers of DINNødhjælp

DINNødhjælp in Denmark has administrative volunteers, who uses several hours weekly to answer any queries from people through email correspondence and social media. They also organize the Auction page on Facebook, this site and fundraisers for DINNødhjælp.

The volunteers make an enormous effort for us, and we are greatly appreciative for that. We want to reward the volunteers for all the free time they spend on the organization. This could be by giving them a discount in a web shop or a physical store, which would be a delight for our volunteers.

Would your company be interested in establishing a cooperation with us that could serve to recognize our volunteers and motivate them in their work for DINNødhjælp? If so, DINNødhjælp would put your company’s logo on our webpage as an appraisal of gratitude.

See the companies that supports the volunteers

If you wish to gather more information on how to help the volunteers, please contact: