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Our sponsors often make a big difference to help us in our work. Read more about becoming a business sponsor at DINNødhjælp here: Business sponsorship

Læsø Spisehus

Who is Læsø Spisehus

Læsø Spisehus is situated in scenic Læsø, a small 2 hour sailing from the Nordjyske port city Frederikshavn. During the summer period Læsø comes to life with happy tourists. Every year, since 2004, there has been a lobster festival where chefs from home and abroad indulge in gastronomic cuisine, with Læsø’s lobster as a main ingredient. The festival offers many amazing food stalls, but the most amazing meal is a few meters away from the festival square, at Læsø Dining House. Over the past couple of years, the restaurant has hosted an evening filled with gastronomic dishes prepared with local produce served with delicious wines. Læsø Dining House is also known for its wide range of home-made smoked meat, jam, roll sausage, paté, and other local produce such as Galloway Beef, Læsø Salt, and more. In conjunction with the Dining House you will find Læsø Bolighus which is a shop, with interior design, personal care products and perfumes.

You can find Læsø Spisehus here: laesoe-spisehus.dk / Facebook
You will find Læsø Bolighus here: laesoe-bolighus.dk / Facebook


Every year, Læsø Spisehus organizes an evening in the gastronomy’s sign in connection to the lobster festival and the surplus is donated to DINNødhjælp.

Just Mokka

Who is Just Mokka

Just Mokka is a trendsetting company that contributes to modern coffee solutions and constantly strives to meet customer needs. Just Mokka offers a complete solution for coffee, water and coffee to companies. Just Mokka’s first priority is to establish unique and exclusive solutions. Helping other people in need, is of great importance to Just Mokka and the main reason for establishing a close cooperation with DINNødhjælp and Puro Coffee (World Land Trust).

Visit them here: justmokka.com / Facebook


Just Mokka donates 10% of their profits to DINNødhjælp on an annual basis. That is, if you choose Just Mokka’s as a coffee solution in your company, you will help to support DINNødhjælp’s work.


Who is TECHCOLLEGE Aalborg

Techcollege is one of Denmark’s largest schools with up to 3,600 students. Their teachers are committed professionals with experience in business. People who thrive for good craftsmanship, which is visible through their results. 600 employees meet up every day to motivate each student to be as proficient as possible.

You will find TECHCOLLEGE Aalborg here: techcollege.dk / Facebook / Instagram


In recent years, TECHCOLLEGE Aalborg’s students has produced many gorgeous products, including doghouses, birdhouses and Christmas decorations. These products are then sold in favour of DINNødhjælp. You can read more about the project, view products, buy them, and see how much money that has been collected for DINNødhjælp on the project website: hjælpafrika.dk

Ladies Circle

Who is Ladies Circle Danmark

Ladies circle Denmark (LCD) is a social networking association, only for women. The LCD was founded in 1932 and has 13,000 members distributed throughout the world. The purpose of the network is, among other things, to develop the knowledge of the living conditions of others, to develop members in independence and tolerance, and to create good companionship both nationally and internationally. The LCD stands for friendship, tolerance, trust, honesty, positivity and charity. The association’s members are between 18 and 45 years old and their average age is 39 years.

You will find Ladies Circle Denmark here: ladiescircle.dk / Facebook / LinkedIn


Over the past two years, the LCD has raised funds for DINNødhjælp, through events such as races and lectures. They have also arranged the sales of jewellery from Pilgrim, scarves by Nü and wine labels from Nordjysk wines. All projects that are on sale support DINNødhjælp with a percentage of the profit. See and buy some of the products here: Buy and support


Who is PiiPL

PiiPL removes the HR management responsibility away from the leadership, which gives satisfied employees. They hold a strong team of 20 people who are passionate about their craftsmanship and take pride in creating value for their customers. Their services is based on their own concrete experience and a stable theoretical foundation – and it works! They work with Insights Discovery Personnel Testing and Team Building.

You will find PiiPL here: piipl.dk / Facebook / LinkedIn


DINNødhjælp’s team have all been at team building at PiiPL, where everyone had taken a Discovery person test in advance. The course was instructive and interesting and was delivered with both humour and insight. The team has since studied his or her own results, and others, which has meant that everyone has been able to use it both internally, but also externally. Each one has become wiser about their own weaknesses, but also their own strengths. DINNødhjælp’s team is spread over a large geographic area and it makes a big difference to us when most of our communication takes place over email and phone. We have no doubt that this will be something we will continue to use for any new member of the team. We are also confident that we have gained an understanding of individual differences when communicating.