Education is the key

DINNødhjælp is a Danish humanitarian non-profit organization founded in 2012 by a Dane – Anja Ringgren Lovén. The primary purpose of the organization is to help the so-called witch children in Nigeria. Witch children are children accused of being witches and are often tortured – many children die of their injuries, are banished or killed by the community.

DINNødhjælp’s work is based on the principle that the superstition of accusing children of witchcraft can be stopped by means of education and information. Therefore, a large part of the organization’s work, in addition to physically saving the witch children, involves continuous education and training.

Anja and her team try to rescue as many of these children and house them at the children center in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. The children receive plenty of care, medical treatment, food / lodging and education, which enables a stable life for the children so they can become viable in the society.

At DINNødhjælp we work with our hearts as well as our minds, and our primary purpose is to support one of the world’s poorest children to obtain a more dignified life.

Every donation and funds raised from members of the organization go to the organization’s work to save the witch-accused children in Nigeria and to fight the superstition.